Enjoy outdoor activities at Panchopachar Wellness Resort

Guided Nature Walks

Lead guests on guided walks through the surrounding mountains, forests, and trails. Educate them about local flora, fauna, and wildlife while encouraging mindfulness and connection with nature.

Surkunda Devi Temple Darshan

Organize religious excursion trek to nearby temple Surkunda devi at a peak with panoramic views of Himalayas.

Alpine Photography Workshops

Arrange photography workshops focused on capturing the beauty of the mountain landscapes. Provide guidance on composition, lighting, and techniques for capturing stunning outdoor photographs.

Scenic Hikes

Traverse picturesque peaks, waterfalls, and viewpoints with trails of varying difficulty, ensuring all can relish mountain exploration at their own pace.

Outdoor Fitness Classes

Host outdoor fitness classes such as Pilates, tai chi, or boot camps in designated areas surrounded by nature. Utilize the natural terrain for added challenges and unique workout experiences.

Mountain Biking

Provide mountain bikes for guests to explore the Kaudia Range at their own pace. Offer guided biking tours for those who prefer discovering the scenic routes.

Picnics and Sunset Viewing

Organize picnics at scenic spots with breathtaking mountain vistas. Provide picnic baskets filled with healthy snacks and beverages for guests to enjoy while soaking in the panoramic views.

Sunset Viewing

Additionally, arrange sunset viewing sessions for guests to witness the stunning mountain sunsets, accompanied by soothing music and refreshments.

Adventure Sports

For more adventurous guests, offer activities such as rock climbing, zip-lining etc at Kanatal Adventure park.

Forest Bathing

Introduce guests to the Japanese practice of "shinrin-yoku" or forest bathing, which involves immersing oneself in the forest atmosphere for therapeutic benefits. Lead guided forest bathing sessions where guests can engage in mindful walking, breathing exercises, and sensory experiences amidst the mountainous forest.


Organize stargazing sessions where guests can marvel at the clear night skies of the mountains. Provide telescopes to the guests to see the constellations, offering insights into the wonders of the universe.

Water Sports at Tehri Dam

Organize river rafting or kayaking expeditions on nearby rivers or streams, allowing guests to experience the thrill of navigating through the mountainous waters while surrounded by scenic landscapes.

Outdoor Cooking Classes

Offer outdoor cooking classes where guests can learn to prepare healthy and delicious meals using local ingredients. Host these classes in a picturesque outdoor kitchen setting with views of the mountains.

Mountain Camping Expeditions

Arrange overnight camping expeditions where guests can immerse themselves in the wilderness. Provide camping gear, guides, and campfire experiences for a memorable outdoor adventure.

Nature Conservation Activities

Engage guests in nature conservation efforts by organizing activities such as tree planting, trail maintenance, or clean the valley. Encourage guests to contribute to the preservation of the mountain environment while fostering a sense of stewardship.

Cultural Experiences

Offer cultural immersion experiences that allow guests to interact with local communities and learn about their traditions, customs, and cuisine. Organize visits to nearby villages, artisan workshops, or cultural festivals for an enriching cultural exchange.

Gardening Workshops and Classes

Host gardening workshops and classes where guests can learn about organic gardening techniques, plant propagation, and sustainable gardening practices suited to mountain environments. Provide hands-on experience in planting, nurturing, and harvesting seasonal vegetables, herbs, and flowers.

Garden-to-Table Dining Experiences:

Create garden-to-table dining experiences where guests can harvest fresh produce from the resort's garden and participate in cooking classes to prepare dishes using the harvested ingredients. Offer themed culinary events centered around seasonal produce, showcasing the flavors of the mountains.

Botanical Exploration Walks

Organize botanical exploration walks through the resort's gardens and surrounding natural areas, led by knowledgeable guides. Educate guests about native plant species, ecological significance, and traditional uses of mountain flora, fostering appreciation for the biodiversity of the region.